DuO PCM1794 NOS Dac, with s/pdiff, 24bits/192kHz

NOS PCM1794 DAC, s/pdif conection, based on the Wolfson WM8805, a digital interface that s/pdif converted to I2S data format, which is forwarded to the DA converters PCM1794, working in dual mono mode, the configuration, which are skipped digital filters the so-called NOS (NonOverSampling)! These advantages are reflected in a […]

UsB to Tube S/Pdif

 Tube USB to S/PDIF audio interface, up to 24bit/192kHz, based on CMedia 6631 chip, an externally power, S/PDIF buffered with a lamp in the output, flyback regulator for high voltage VHF lamp ECC85 (S/PDIF signal bit rate, 2.8 -6,146MHz). . . Fantastic nonsense, that sounds great, digital in electrons of […]

Phono, tubes, Mc/Mm

Daniel phono, tube amp, 4 lamps (Russia), with a separate power supply, sound, as if from Heaven, and you who are going astray, you can hear it! AntiRiaa test -} EQ 20-20oooHz + – 0.5dB, and embedded MC RIAA, shunt path (that works as a preamp), super non-microphonic! Instrument devices, […]

Clock for CD, dac

Clok for CD, DAC, with its own power supply, or without, brings, great advances in digital sound, which, in infinity, approaching analog, fantasy!  

Tube preamp Marantz 7c, kit

Tube preamp Marantz 7c, kit,  made in Belgrade, Srbija, IkaP Acoustic & Comps! -Circuit design  based on  classic Marantz 7c preamp. -Circuit using two 12AX7, anode followers and one 12AU7, to lower the output impedance, a cathode follower is used. -A tube high voltage regulator and rectify using EZ80 and […]