DuO PCM1794 NOS Dac, with s/pdiff, 24bits/192kHz

NOS PCM1794 DAC, s/pdif conection, based on the Wolfson WM8805, a digital interface that s/pdif converted to I2S data format, which is forwarded to the DA converters PCM1794, working in dual mono mode, the configuration, which are skipped digital filters the so-called NOS (NonOverSampling)! These advantages are reflected in a more natural, more analogous to the sound, with a lot of dynamism and strength, tonal balance is very good, in a word, very glamorous! The USB connection is possible via various interfaces, which is attached to the I2S connector. Derived filigree power, the more passages and references built, LT1763 series, 8V, 5V, 3.3V, low noise, low dropout regulators. The test model has a passive I/V conversion, unbalanced output, proven components in the signal, so it can be tested and listens to your heart’s content!

Adding NOS TDA1543 x2 DAC, parallel to the I2S line allowed me to compare, the justification of the project to the NOS innovation, avoiding digital filter, in order to, in effect, a digital representation analogy! . !

Hearing test by Joe, the sound source, Compic Intel Atom barebones, silently, externo 12V power supply, Win81 SSD, preamp PhaseCounter and Marantz 7c, power amplifier Linn “Klout” – hybrid Sziklai-Buffer, speakers Rogers LS6, cables, Interco Audio Quest Emerald truth , speaker, Linn K20 @ ¬∂


100+10k400HzThd 400Hz 10k20151025_162331

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