DuO PCM1794 NOS Dac, with s/pdiff, 24bits/192kHz

NOS PCM1794 DAC, s/pdif conection, based on the Wolfson WM8805, a digital interface that s/pdif converted to I2S data format, which is forwarded to the DA converters PCM1794, working in dual mono mode, the configuration, which are skipped digital filters the so-called NOS (NonOverSampling)! These advantages are reflected in a […]

UsB to Tube S/Pdif

 Tube USB to S/PDIF audio interface, up to 24bit/192kHz, based on CMedia 6631 chip, an externally power, S/PDIF buffered with a lamp in the output, flyback regulator for high voltage VHF lamp ECC85 (S/PDIF signal bit rate, 2.8 -6,146MHz). . . Fantastic nonsense, that sounds great, digital in electrons of […]

Phono, tubes, Mc/Mm

Daniel phono, tube amp, 4 lamps (Russia), with a separate power supply, sound, as if from Heaven, and you who are going astray, you can hear it! AntiRiaa test -} EQ 20-20oooHz + – 0.5dB, and embedded MC RIAA, shunt path (that works as a preamp), super non-microphonic! Instrument devices, […]

Tube preamp Marantz 7c, kit

Tube preamp Marantz 7c, kit,  made in Belgrade, Srbija, IkaP Acoustic & Comps! -Circuit design  based on  classic Marantz 7c preamp. -Circuit using two 12AX7, anode followers and one 12AU7, to lower the output impedance, a cathode follower is used. -A tube high voltage regulator and rectify using EZ80 and […]